Dec 28

The Water is on in La Chuscada!

We began working in La Chuscada in the spring this year and continued working there through the summer. It is a big community of 130 homes. It was such a blessing to work there this summer because of the awesome community members we got to meet. The beautiful shade that kept us out of the blazing sun this summer was also a blessing. If you came to Nicaragua with Amigos for Christ during the summer then you worked on the water line in La Chuscada. The community leader Sebastian was an amazing man, with a huge heart for improving his community. He was out there every day encouraging the community and the missionaries working side by side. La Chuscada is a big community so there was a lot of water line to dig, and in some parts where the water will erode the soil, the water lines had to be as deep as the shovels we were digging with.


The Friday after Thanksgiving, the water was turned on in La Chuscada. More than 130 families will now have clean water at their homes. Their lives will be changed forever. God used so many people in this process. One of those was Sabastian, the community leader in La Chuscada, who was willing to approach Amigos for Christ with the hope that his community could have a chance for a better future. God used the community members from La Chuscada who were willing to dig trenches all day long with the hope that their children would be able to have clean water every day in their home. God used the hundreds of short term missionaries who were willing to travel far from their homes to dig trenches and encourage the community by showing them that God loves them enough to send hundreds of people to walk beside them and say “you are worth it”. All these people were willing to say “here I am” when God asked “who can I send?” It still amazes me when I think about all the people who’s hearts will be forever changed because they were willing to be used by God, even if they didn’t know. I am amazed at the scope of this project. ¬†God was able to pull everything together so that several families from the states could be there to celebrate with families from La Chuscada. The families from El Moto and Las Bresas were also present and got the chance to see what they have to look forward to at the completion of their water system.


God is faithful. God was faithful to see the completion of the La Chuscada water system. He is going to be faithful to see the completion of the El Moto and Las Bresas water system. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion¬†until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6 God will be faithful with the projects, but He is also going to be faithful with the projects he has begun in all of us.


I am so grateful for all the people God brought together through this project. Thank you for your continued prayers. Here are a few pictures from that beautiful November day!